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Sport dvp  was made to support, develop and connect Athletes, managers, agents, coaches, referees, judges, matchmakers, promoters, sponsors, camps, gyms, stadiums and all companies and organizations that act as sports. Join us and complete your profile and develop yourself as well as your brand.


Sport Personal Profile

International Sports Organization


What is the International Sports Identification Code?
Sports ID code There is a registered number for each person, organization and sports body with which I can always be introduced and identified (inquired).

The ID code for sports people includes a complete resume of the individual’s activities and sports competitions …

Each person has a sports ID code (sport ID No) SIN
Sports place ID code ( Sport Plaque No) SPN
Sport Organization Code No (SOCN)
Sport Store Code No (SSCN)
Sport Event Code No (SECN)

Education is the key to success
• Provide educational resources from the best trainers and organizations
• Standard and international methods
• Theoretical and technical training
• Provide a valid certificate


Subject (Scope) of the Activity
Providing all kinds of sports services in the form of a startup as an integrated and interconnected
network in order to introduce, to develop, and to support various sports sections, including individuals
(athletes, champions, coaches, referees, and managers), organizations, sports places, manufacturers,
and sports sellers, and all the individuals and organizations that are active in the field of sports
• Registering specialized sports resumes and profiles for individuals, organizations, sports places,
and sports stores and producers
• Providing services to record events and sports calendars for member organizations
• Reviewing and republishing authentic articles
• Reflecting news directly from the panel of News Owner Organizations
• Providing services to record the results of sports competitions, events, and records in the form
of a valid online inquiry system (e.g., registering and querying sports certificates)
• Providing services to conduct surveys, to consult different sports affairs (e.g., exams, nutrition,
and training) for educational licensed organizations and institutions
• Attracting, participating, and accepting investors to launch and to develop sports ideas and
• Holding, assisting, and participating sports individuals and groups in holding sports events
• Creating various sports departments and campaigns interacting with the licensed competent
• Establishing sports clubs and camps
• Supplying and sending athletes for international competitions and events
• Having an invitation (recall) system for organizational and sports partners to develop sports at
international levels
• Registering and presenting a special platform for online sports local, national, and international

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