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Wikisport or sports article bank is a space for publishing and sharing your knowledge and experiences in the field of sports and health. Share your information and experiences.

Sending news and articles

To send sports news and articles and insert them in the sports encyclopedia section, complete and submit the relevant form.
  • Choose the title of the article according to its content
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • Enter your keywords, and use "،" to separate words.
  • The link can be the address of the dedicated page of the author or related organization, etc. It can also be a link to the source of the content
  • If you want to include your name, enter your name and surname at the end of the article
  • If the author has a profile in the system, she/he can be seen better to attract contacts by entering her/his ID code in her writing
  • Dear friend, sometimes coordination is needed to correct and publish your article, so please include your email.