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    Kru Suphan Chabairam
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    สุพรรณ ชบายราม
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    Kru Suphan
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Kru Suphan Chabairam

Founder and director of Be Muay Kru Suphan
Senior Grand Master (Khan 17) – Kru Muaythai Association
A License Muay Thai Instructor – Sports Authority of Thailand
Supervisor and counsel of Muay Thai club and Muay Thai course at Buriram Rajabhat University



– Founder, program developer, teacher of Be Muay Kru Suphan

– Khan 17: Assistant Senior Grand Master of Kru Muaythai Association (KMA); and also a committee member

– A License Professional Muay Thai instructor of Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT); and also an instructor of the A, B, C License courses

– SAT certified professional Muay Thai judge and referee


Brief Background

Previously official and the head instructor at the Muay Thai Conservation Institute of Thailand (M.C.C.T) at National Stadium in Bangkok which is a part of the Department of Physical Education under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for many years.

During these 10 years, Kru Suphan have been to various countries (over 20 countries), traveled schools and institutes in almost every provinces in Thailand for giving training and seminars and have many students from various countries.

His passion and loyalty for Muay Thai Boran and own country, have been breaking through the language barriers and making great communication with oversea students and also made strong bond between.

He truly respects all his students and always cares them all.



– Over 300 times (Professional & Amateur) in Thailand and overseas

– Started professional fight at age of 7 and retired at age of 32



– Bachelor of Physical Education – major in sports science

Graduated from Institute of Physical Education at Chaiyaphum campus



Over 10 years in Thailand and overseas

Coach / Trainer for Fight

– Thailand 1990-1992

Muay Thai gym in Buriram (trained 10 fighters)

Sport school in Kongen (trained 20 fighters)

– England 2002

Trained 2 months and achieved a champion belt (Professional) in England


Institute of Muay Thai Conservation Thailand (M.C.C.T)

(2005 -2013) BANGKOK

– Official head instructor at the Institute

Teaching Muay Thai for Thai people in class every night from Mon-Fri

– Instructor for Muay Thai Boran seminars organized by Department of Physical Education, Sport Authority of Thailand, provinces, schools etc.

– Giving lectures about culture, history and learning of Muay Thai for students and guests who visit M.C.C.T

– Muay Thai, Muay Boran performances at various events organized by Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, town events etc.


World Muaythai Federation (WMF) and Kru Muaythai Association (KMA)

(2002-present) BANGKOK

– Giving private/group lessons of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong for foreigners and Thais

– Instructor for seminars of Muay Thai and Muay Boran and training courses organized by WMF, Kru Muay Thai Association

– A judge for Muay Thai fight at MBK Fight Night every Wednesday


Arpar Pattana International Language School

(2008 – 2012) PRAMSONG

– Teaching Muay Boran as a main instructor every Saturday


Seminars in Thailand

Various Muay Thai programs with the government, Buriram Rajabhat University and local schools till now


We Fitness Muay Thai instructor course 2015-2018


Fitness First Thailand Coaching Seminar 2013

-For Fitness First instructors who deliver Muay Thai private class to customers (30 people)

-Organized by Fitness First Thailand, Be Muay Kru Suphan


C License for professional Muay Thai instructor 2013

– For professional Muay Thai trainers who has belts (champions of lumpini, Rajadamnung etc.), trainers, gym owners (70 people)

– Organized by Sports Authority of Thailand and Muban Chombun University


B License for professional Muay Thai instructor 2012

– For professional Muay Thai trainers who holds C License from previous year in 2011 (40 people)

– Organized by Sports Authority of Thailand and Muban Chombun University


C License for professional Muay Thai instructor 2012

– For professional Muay Thai trainers who has belts (champions of lumpini, Rajadamnung etc.), trainers, gym owners (70 people)

– Organized by Sports Authority of Thailand and Muban Chombun University


Kru Muay Thai seminar in Nakhon Nayok province 2012

– For director or staff of Muaythai Conservation Centers and institutes in most provinces to be kru so they can deliver and promote the art and culture of Muay Thai in their provinces (76 people)

– Organized by Muaythai Conservation Center of Thailand, Department of Physical Education in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports


Muay Thai seminar in Chiang Rai province 2012

– For Physical Education teachers in Chiang Rai province

– Organized by Chiang Rai University

Muay Thai international instructor seminar C Licence  2011

– For owners, trainers, coaches, refrees and fighters who had been champions in the past

– Organized by Sports Authority of Thailand and Muban Chombun University


Muay Thai teacher seminar in Phattarung province  2011

– For teachers at public school in Phattarung

– Organized by Phattarung province


Muay Thai seminar in Chonburi province  2011

– For teachers and students in Chonburi province

– Organized by Chonburi province


Muay Thai seminar in 4 sectors  2010

– For teachers and public officers from all 77 provinces in Thailand

– Organized by Department of Physical Education


Yearly Seminar in Thailand

Muay Thai Boran and teacher seminar  every March

– One week seminar for foreigners who participate Wai Kru Ceremony every year


Muay Thai coaching course  2 times a year every year

– For coaches, trainers and fighters who participate World Muay Thai Championship organized by W.M.F. and Department of Physical Education


Some Seminars in Overseas


Japan  Aug : Muay Thai Boran seminar

Mexico Aug – Sep : Muay Thai Boran seminar

The First Europe Tour  Sep – Nov : Muay Thai Boran seminar

Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal

Hong Kong  Nov – Dec : Boxing, Muay Thai seminer


Lebanon   May : Thai Boran seminar

Hong Kong  July – Aug : Boxing, Muay Thai seminer

Vietnam  Oct : Muay Thai Boran seminar

Egypt Oct – Nov : Muay Thai Boran seminar




England, Scotland  Nov 2009 : Muay Thai Boran seminars

Morocco  Oct 2009 : Training Muay Thai and Traditional Thai Massage an attendance of the king

Korea  2005 : Teaching Muay Thai Boran

Germany, Netherlands 2004 : Muay Thai Boran seminars

England 2002 : Teaching Muay Thai

Other countries

Brazil, USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Switzerland etc.

Social Networks


    – 2 World Titles

    World champion in Featherweight (57kg) 1996 and Bandamweight (54kg) in 1999

    at Amateur Muay Thai World Championship (organized by World Muay Thai Council and The International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (I.A.M.T.F))

    – Many medals and trophies

    …though he gave many of them away to random people after his fights since he did not consider that those are important to him in the past


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