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Fairtex Fight Promotion Results:
Bout 1: Albert Pk Saenchai 🇬🇧 traded leather with Chalamnook Sor Rangsan 🇹🇭. Chalamnook delivered dynamite in the second round. He exploded with a dynamite left hook that blew Albert away. The Thai boxer won via TKO. This Muay Extreme bout was at 65kg
Bout 2: Wong Fei Hong 🇨🇳 battled Sytheun Silabouth 🇱🇦 in a Muay Thai bout at 70kg. The firecracker Chinese athlete made Sytheun see stars. Wong chopped at the legs in the first and in the second delivered right elbows. Sytheun went to another galaxy with three successive knockdowns. Wong took the TKO win. The Chinese boxer will appear in the Road To ONE touranment against Kaennoraingh DNA Thailand next month.
Bout 3: Petchpadaeng Sueablack Muay Thai 🇹🇭 challenged Mikael Topfight Muay Thai 🇮🇷 in a Muay Extreme bout at 75kg. The Iranian was active all three rounds for a unanimous 29-27 win. He put a cherry on top of his performance with a third round count.
Bout 4: Tiw Fairtex 🇹🇭 entered the ring against Kumlaiyok Suanaahanpeekmai 🇹🇭 in a Muay Thai bout at 61kg. Tiw remebered to bring power in his kicks but forgot his guard. Kumlaiyok reminded him with hard hands. He caught Tiw in the first and delivered a knockdown. Kumlaiyok will cherish his points victory.
Bout 5: Meysam Adelyna 🇮🇷 went to war with Jakdao Kiatpetch 🇹🇭 in a Muay Thai bout at 54kg. The experience of Jakdao shined. He kicked at the legs. In the second he put Meysam in the spotlight. Jakdao turned the lights on with a KO elbow in the clinch.
Bout 6: The main event lit up Lumpinee. Sibsan Nok Kor Mor 11 🇹🇭 fired it up with Wayunoi Petchkiatpetch 🇹🇭. Wayunoi used his heat to burn down Sibsan. He took home the points win. This Muay Thai bout was at 61kg.
Bout 7: The USA went into the ring with Iran. Ryan Sternberg 🇺🇸 took on Mostafa Rostampour 🇮🇷 in a Muay Thai bout at 67kg. Mostafa chopped at Sternberg. But the USA hacked away with elbow in the second for a tko win.
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    New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, 6 Ram Inthra Rd, Anusawari, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220
  • Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, 6 Ramintra Rd, Bangkok, Bangkok 10220, Thailand

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