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    Mikaeil Amiri
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    میکائیل امیری
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Mikaeil Amiri

I started the sport in the middle of 2019 at Pas Qazvin Drashte Muay Thai club under the supervision of Reza Ahmadi. After numerous competitions and defeats in the country's championships in kickboxing and Muay Thai organizations, at the end of 2013, I succeeded in the national youth Muay Thai team selection of the country. I won the first place and after not being sent to the world championships, after one year of effort and participation in numerous championship competitions and tournaments of the country. On the first platform, I had the dream of winning the championship in the international and world arenas in my mind. In disbelief, I was not sent to the world championships that year. The big goal that I had in my mind ((((Olympic medal)))) made me not stop trying. I will prepare for a difficult year with a double effort. Finally, after a year of numerous championships in domestic competitions, I was able to become the champion of the national team in 1995 and participate in the camps as a fixer of the national team and be sent to the world championships wearing the uniform of the national team. .

Therefore, my games started abroad.

After winning the top kickboxing competition twice under the management of Professor Ali Mohin Torabi and under the management of Khanom Rahimi, I was sent to the international professional Muay Thai competition, which was held in Turkey with the participation of 6 teams from Asia and Europe, and became the champion of the competition.

With the knowledge of Masoud Tavakli, I participated for the first time in a large professional organization (cnc Cambodia) with his management and support.

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