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    Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

It was love at first sight. Shifu Kanishka’s love for martial arts began when he was just seven years old. It happened on an ordinary night when his driver Suraj Pal got the movie, 36 chambers of shaolin for him. Little did he know that what he started then would become his life’s passion.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma is the first Indian to have gained the title of “Shifu” from the famous Shaolin Temple China.He is the first Indian who bought the deadly combat system of Pekiti Tirisa Kali to India. He is also the first Indian to introduce Kali Tactical Combat System to the Law Enforcement Military and Special Forces.

Shifu kanishka has spent 32 years of his life training in various martial arts and created his own system called Shifu Kanishka Combatives. It’s a blend of six martial arts extensively studied by him under different masters, which includes Shaolin Kung fu, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Muay Thai Chaiya, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi and WingChun. His system majorly comprises of street survival tactics that’ is easy to learn and can be applied right away.

Shifu’s remarkable and inspiring journey has been covered on many TV documentaries and TV series and also written about in books.

Some major Achievements

  • Featured in Young Turks by CNBC TV 18 – 2004.
  • Awarded with India Today Group’s ‘young Achievers’- 2004.
  • Featured in Mano Yan Na Mano on Star TV & on Dilli Ke Log , an exclusive documentary of his remarkable journey- 2007.
  • Nominated as Pepsi Mtv Youth Icon- 2008.
  • The first Indian again to have trained at Philippines War College in the deadly art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK)
  • Recognized By India Today Group as ‘Change Makers Delhi. – 2010.
  • Key speaker at TEDx, “Ideas worth spreading” -2013.
  • Featured in epic channel’s documentary, Made in India to showcase Shaolin Kung Fu’s Origin and exclusive coverage of Shifu’s journey in India today’s men Health- 2015
  • Exclusive documentary was made on Shifu Kanishka by 101 India -2017
  • Featured in “Assignment Asia” by CGT- China Television -2017
  • Inducted in Philippines Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Under the category – Distinguished Master – April 2019
  • Trained the private security for Shri Shri ravi Shankar in PTK – 2018
  • Invited as a Guest Speaker for Josh Talks – 2018
  • Shifu Kanishka’s Shaolin Kung Fu Journey featured in TV 18 Kolkata – December 2018
  • Documentary by TV 18 Kerala featuring Shifu Kanishka’s journey – 2018
  • Special Feature on ABP Ganga stories from Uttarakhand  Program Kya Baat hai 2020
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