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    یعقوب یکانی پور
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    KHOY, Western Azerbaijan,IRAN
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Master Yaqoub Yekanipour

Education: Bachelor of Accounting - Master of Management

Book author and sports and nutrition consultant

International trainer and judge of martial arts and MMA

The Board of Directors of the World Red Dragon Organization and the person in charge of these organizations in Iran

Vice President of the World Free Fighting Association and member of the Board of Directors of the Free Fighting Federation of the country

The official coach and judge of the country's Wushu Federation and the holder of the 6th world level with the medal of Shaolin Temple from China in 2014 and the 5th level of the country's federation.

With coaching and training in wushu forms and individual arts and sanda and self defense and MMA boxing as well as nutritional counseling and sports exercises for fitness

The only Iranian who passed the Dan 6 Wushu exam and received the golden tiger medal from the Chinese Wushu Association from the Northern Temple at the same time as the World Traditional Wushu Championships were held with Grand Master Mohammad Pourgholami in China in 2014.


*Responsible for the Wushu Association of Ardabil province and a member of the Chang Chuan Wushu Style Policy Council in the country's Wushu Federation

*Executive director of mixed MMA and kickboxing camps and free coaching refereeing courses.

* Author of nutrition and fitness book and presentation of sports and nutrition articles.

*Teacher and presenter of technical internships and promotion of Don Wushu, MMA and self defense

* Director of ceremonies, competitions, technical internships, sports and cultural festivals in the province

*Responsible for various committees of Wushu Board of Ardabil province from 1979 to 1990

*Representative and cultural, sports, artistic consultant of Iran's Red Dragon Institute and Free Fighting.

*Former representative of West Asian Wushu Federation in neighboring countries in 81-87.

* Manager and coach of the country's selected teams sent to overseas competitions in the styles of wushu sanda, kickboxing, MMA and martial arts.

* The first coach and manager of the wushu team of Ardabil province, sent to the national competition and received the ethics cup of the competition by the first wushu team of the province in the national competition in 1379

* Selected athlete of the International Sports Economics Conference and Golden Tennis Winner 2012

* The coach of the selected Wushu and Sanda team sent to international competitions in Italy and other tournaments and most of the overseas competitions

* Referee of the 2019 Azerbaijan International Kickboxing Tournament

*Coach of the country's selected wushu team (Talo and Sanda) to participate in the important competitions of the world level Baku Silk Road Cup in 2004, the Iranian team under the management of Grand Master Pourghlami

*Exemplary coach of the European Cup of Georgia in 2012

*Athlete sent to the 2010 Chinese Traditional Shaolin Competition

*Former member of the traditional Shaolin national team of Iran from 1983 to 1987


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    Championship records:

    * The only representative and flag bearer and medalist of our country in the Shaolin Temple World Championships in China in 2010

    *Champion of the 2015 Russia-Saint Petersburg Olympic Games

    * Champion of the 2015 India World Martial Arts Championship

    * The country's only participant and medalist in traditional Chinese wushu competitions and Iran's superiority among the top four countries in the world in 2010

    *Achieving the first place and gold medal in the international wushu competition in Italy in 2009

    *Achieving the second place and silver medal in the Italian international wushu competition

    *Achieving the first place and the gold medal of the Shaolin Temple traditional competitions in China

    *Achieving the second place and silver medal in traditional Chinese wushu competitions

    * Winning the gold medal of the international competition of Turkmenistan in 2005

    * Winning the first place in the international tournament of Turkey in 2008

    * Winning the first place and gold medal in the international competitions of Azerbaijan in 2002

    * Champion of provincial and national wushu competitions in standard forms and open fighting (Sanda) from 1373 to 1378

    *The champion of taekwondo competitions of Azad Universities of the country and won the silver medal in 1375

    *Champion of the international competitions of Turkmenistan and the championship of the selected team (team coach)

    *Achieving the first team position in the Silk Road competition in 2014 was held under the supervision of the Convention of China and Tbilisi University. (team manager and coach)

    *The champion of several provincial, regional and national wushu competitions (Talo and Sanda) from 1970 to 2013 in the country and the coach of the country's selected team and the champion of several international competitions and various overseas tournaments of wushu-sanda and martial arts and traditional wushu