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  • Full name
    Hossein Parhizkari
  • native name
    حسین پرهیزکاری
  • Province/state
    Tehran, Iran
  • Birth date


  • Founder of kickboxing in Iran
  • Dan 8 kickboxing black belt from the Iranian Martial Arts Federation in 2003
  • Black belt international Dan 9
  • Excellent first-class kickboxing coach
  • Excellent first-class kickboxing referee
  • Member of the technical committee of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation
  • Head coach of the national kickboxing team in Iran
  • Head coach of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation
  • Coach of the national team of Omid Semi Contact of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • The founders of full contact kickboxing in the world
  • Head Coach of Iran Low kick National Team
  • Founder of Iran Kickboxing Academy in 1373
  • Representative of the IAF Germany in Iran
  • Kickboxing referee instructor of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation

Hossein Parhizkari,
Founder of Kickboxing in Iran

Hossein started playing Karate in 1972, then he started learning kung-fu. He learned boxing at the headquarters of the Member of the Boxing Team of the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 1983, he participated in freestyle Karate competitions in Japan and got second place.
In 1986 in Turkey, he became acquainted with the new method of Full Contact Kickboxing. In 1987. As the representative of the IAF, in Germany, he founded full contact Kickboxing in Iran.

In 1988, he established the iranian Boxing Academy, which won the 1995 European Championship IAF World, in Germany, finishing second place.

In 2001, he invented Kickboxing Full Contact Styles, and introduced them to Martial Arts Federation in Iran.

In 2001, the Full Contact teams won first place in the European Championships in Turkey. The participants of 7 countries won 8 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. They were registered in Olympic Commitee of Iran.

Hossein is the Founder of Full Contact Kickboxing in Iran. He has recieved black belt 8 from the Martial Arts Federation of Iran, title of Distinguished referee of first-class Full Contact Kickboxing, Referee instructor of Martial Arts Federation, and he was the Excellent First Class Kickboxing Full Contact coach. He was also the Head Coach of the National Kickboxing Team, the Grandmaster of Full Contact Kickboxing in Iran, holds a PhD degree from the British Martial Arts Organization, and a blackbelt with 9 Pan American Kickboxing.