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    Hamidreza Abbasi Moghadam
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    حمیدرضا عباسی مقدم
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Rozme Hamidreza Abbasi Moghadam, born on 01/01/1346 Shamsi equivalent to 1967 in Iran, Tehran, Shemiranat, professional handball sports field, married and has two sons.
He holds a bachelor's degree in physical education, a bachelor's degree in industrial management, a master's degree in physical education, majoring in sports management, a doctorate in sports management, a doctorate in sports medicine from abroad, and a doctorate in e-commerce law.
8. Official teaching of sports in Tehran high schools for 41 years
4. Teaching at East Tehran University for 1 years, Central Tehran for 00 years,
Allameh University for 0 year and Ivanki University for 4 years, South Tehran
3. Director General of Physical Education of Fermand University
1. Director General of Farmand University Education
1. Head of the Martial Board of Tehran province for 3 years
1. Instructor of the Lifeguard Federation
2. Teacher of the Federation of Bodybuilding
6. Instructor of the Swimming Federation
01. Teacher of the Handball Federation
00. Instructor of the Martial Sports Federation
08. The author of 81 volumes of educational books, including handball training,
paralympic advanced swimming training, sociology of women's sports, adolescent
beliefs, sports marketing management, badminton training, etc.
04. The author of 811 researches and authorships, whose authorship points have
been obtained from the Ministry of Education.
03. Owner of various domestic and foreign articles (isi) that have been published.
01. Expert in bodybuilding and corrective movements and nutrition for Brena,
Hamshahri, Virtue Family, Sports, Family and Football magazines.
01. General Director of Physical Training of the All-Country Volunteer
01. Deputy Researcher of the All-Country Volunteers Cooperative Organization
02. Sample teacher of 1 courses from school to country level
06. Responsible for Tehran Handball Association for 1 years
81. Secretary of the country's handball association for 3 years
80. Responsible for swimming and lifeguarding and handball association of region
03, about 41 years and winning different championship titles
88. Technical director of the Handball Club of the Ground Forces and the designer
of junior handball academies and presentation to the World Federation
84. Member of the board of directors of several martial arts and karate
83. Different championships in karate, handball and swimming martial sports in
the form of athletes, veterans and coaches.
81. The manager of holding conventions and conferences and recruiting and
directing forces in the discussion of popular electio