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Lamai Muay Thai Camp

Our Story

The original Lamai camp was established in the late 80s as a boxing and weights gym up until 1998 when it opened as one of the first MUAYTHAI resort camps in the world.

A group of like-minded westerners passionate about Muay Thai looked at giving back to the motherland of Muay Thai on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. The Camp has had the backing of the authoritative MUAYTHAI world governing body, the World Muay Thai Council (WMC), established under the directive of the Thai Government in 1995 with over 150 countries as part of the organization.

Ralph Beale from the UK one of the founders has now made Koh Samui his home, after years of work and development in Muay Thai in the UK and Europe, from training his students and Fighters at his UK-based gym to growing the national federation with the joint visions of the WMC and IFMA to Now call Muay Thai an Olympic recognized sport.

The true benefit is seeing people new to the sport grow the passion that helps shape and change direction in their life, starting a journey to a healthy mind and body that Muay Thai offers.

World Muay Thai Council Certification Since 1998

The WMC is the authoritative body for regulating Muaythai, both in Thailand and around the world. Set up by parliament resolution, the WMC is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand, working together with the highest sport authorities of all member countries around the world to regulate all aspects of the art and sport of Muaythai. The inauguration meeting was held in 1995 at an appropriate venue, the United Nation Conference Centre with representatives from 39 countries attended. Presently there are 120 member countries registered with the WMC. The Executive Board and various committees ranging from technical and rules, refereeing and judging, medical, finance, youth, women, press and public relations, business and legal; all were democratically elected.