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Protein Coffee

I bought Coffee for my love of protein shakes and coffee, what a perfect combination! – Max pro-fit

Your average coffee contains around 40mg of caffeine and minimal to no protein. Not satisfied with this wasted opportunity for a protein hit - our experts took a look at what we can do.

With 60mg of caffeine & 21 grams of protein, this Protein Coffee is a morning kick starter like no other.

Infused with premium freeze dried coffee, guarana & green coffee bean extract. If you're after a protein and a kick start to your day then look no further.



What Is A Protein Coffee?

The brains here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have combined their imaginations to create something so special! Step up the Protein Coffee Cooler. It's basically a coffee protein shake, specifically made with those brewing connoisseurs in mind, and contains 21.1g of protein, 2.4g of carbs, 72mg of caffeine and 113 calories per 30g serving. Developed using insane ingredients such as premium freeze dried coffee, guarana & green coffee bean extract, making it the ultimate coffee craver.


We understand that when you wake up in the morning or throughout the day there is a need for 2 things, either caffeine or protein. So we thought why not have it in one convenient shake? The innovating blend will give you that well-needed boost whilst you Exercise Your Taste Buds™ at the same time, it really is brewtiful.


Protein Coffee Benefits?

TPW™ Protein Coffee host a number of awesome nutritional benefits perfect for anyone who enjoys keeping themselves fit and healthy. Not only does this coffee protein shake taste like the freshly brewed coffee you buy from your favourite barista (if not better), but THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have also added innovating ingredients, ensuring that you get the very best out of every mouthful. The benefits of drinking this powerhouse over regular coffee is its ability to help you obtain your physical goals. The protein content has shown to increase satiety and keep you fuller for longer. Meaning that this little coffee will not only kick start your day - it’ll keep you fuller for longer.


The coffee itself also contains some body-boosting benefits, but we know you love your coffee and have already felt how that picks you up, so let's go into detail of what we actually put into this bad boy.